Mayberry & Stone Manifesto

1. We become genuinely interested in your story
2. We listen to your unique wants and needs
3. We strategically plan for peace of mind
4. We work hard - shoot smart - love well
5. We preserve your story as a legacy

With this process we are able to capture those tiny moments, the quick smiles, the hint of a tears, and the celebration that makes you who you are.

When you choose Mayberry and Stone, you won't have to worry about your photography.You will have peace of mind knowing that you will have authentic, real photographs that make you feel, crafted by photographers who care so deeply about preserving your story.

Our process is all about understanding what is most important to you. Your values, your wants, and your needs are important to us.

We STRIVE to create memories with emotion and spunk. We are almost as PASSIONATE about your memories as you... a close second.


I already said it, but I'm Carly! Your friendly neighborhood... Baltimore wedding photographer! Except that I don't live in a neighborhood at all. In 2020, my husband and I purchased a plot of land just up the road from the intersection of Mayberry & Stone Road. Hence, the name. This crossroads means so much to me as this is also the same area I grew up in, the same house I lived in when I met Tyler at just 15 years old, where I buried my childhood dogs, where I built tree houses in the backyard. And now, we are building our home in that same spot. Mayberry & Stone is my heart and I am so beyond blessed to share it with you. 

I'm Carly

and I take photographs that make you FEEL. 

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Baltimore Wedding Photographer













I (and the M&S team) have over 20+ years of experience in portraits and weddings!


We've traveled thousands of miles on our motorcycle and we'll never get enough.


My pup Chandler is liiiiiife! Where ever we travel, so does he! (Although my hubs secretly wants a cat...)


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Taylor palmer

Picking a wedding photographer was one of the toughest, most crucial decisions we made during wedding planning. I can confidently say we made the BEST decision! Carly is extremely personable and professional. She makes everyone in her presence feel very comfortable and she knows what she is doing!! The photos she took will be cherished forever. I cannot recommend her and her team enough!!

Carly KNOWS what she is doing!

Deanna + breanna

We “interviewed” about 12 photographers before we found Carly & we instantly knew she was the one we wanted to capture our special day. From our engagement photos to our wedding day we have been so happy with her! We’ve already received a sneak peak and cannot wait for the rest of our photos. You will not be disappointed with Carly or her team!

We instantly knew she was the one.

Jen + josh

Carly was such a dream to work with and I am so lucky to have found her. She helped my husband and I (not super couple-y) take some amazing photos of us looking amazing. She told us exactly what to do and where to look and how to act, super helpful as we also never had photos taken of us before. She was very communicative during the photo shoots and wedding day and after. You won't regret having her, she is 200% worth it.

She is 200% worth it. 

toni + alex

We have had the honor of having Carly take our pictures for our engagement photos, Christmas cards, and now our wedding day! We plan to work with her for life. I can’t begin to describe how talented she is. Not only is she super fun and will hit the dance floor with you, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She helped us create a timeline for the big day and captured so many great memories. We can’t thank you enough Carly!!

[She] will hit the dance floor with you.

kind words from Our People